FactoryoftheFuture.org - a Mastermind for Manufacturing

What is FactoryoftheFuture.org?

FactoryoftheFuture.org is an online community for manufacturers, job seekers, students, inventors and makers. This is a place to share, collaborate, discover what’s tried & true, and what’s on the horizon, where people with ideas and talents come together to inspire and help each other.

FactoryoftheFuture.org is open to every person interested in manufacturing, with a focus on making local and regional economies robust.

We want to support cleaner factories and help create more local jobs.

FactoryoftheFuture.org strives to:

1)  Increase creativity through collaboration:

We believe that humans are endlessly creative and everyone has something to contribute. We believe that we can solve problems faster by being connected. Not only by improving communications between all levels of the organization, but also sharing techniques and practices between traditionally isolated departments and industries. FactoryoftheFuture.org is here to facilitate collaboration between people, departmental silos, and different manufacturing sectors.

2)  Make local and regional economies robust and resilient:

The factory is a force for planet-wide good. Industries provide people the opportunity to earn a living, do useful work, and learn new things.

3)  Help society advance through improved manufacturing:

We want to support the triple bottom line: people, profit, and the planet. We believe that the way things are manufactured now must become more efficient – and less wasteful. We want to make manufacturing stronger, better, and faster while using fewer resources.
We are looking to grow leaders who can see the challenges and want to overcome them.

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We want to:

  • Facilitate discussion of new ideas
  • Be a repository for useful resources
  • Be a fun way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Assist with the transfer of knowledge between generations
  • Offer all the brilliant people in manufacturing a place to store their knowledge legacy
  • Recognize achievements of those in the manufacturing world
  • Acknowledge the great work of our predecessors
  • Highlight the history of manufacturing: both past history and the history we are creating right now

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