We are here for a purpose — so quit being an observer; quit being a tourist; quit being a guest in this world. This is your home. So make it better.” Sobonfu Some

What is the mission of FactoryoftheFuture.org?

To inspire and encourage innovation, collaboration and education between everyone involved in manufacturing and the “making of things”; to be a positive force for solving the problems facing the world.  We will do this as a social enterprise (a B Corp) to support the triple bottom line of people, profit, and the planet.


We recognize that the world is in a phase of accelerating change. Problems are getting bigger at an exponential rate, but so is our collective capacity to solve them.

We do not have time to waste. We need to grow beyond the “business as usual” mentality.

Technology is propelling us forward, and luckily, communication channels are also getting better and better. We are taking advantage of both to create a ‘Mastermind for Manufacturing’, a collaboration platform that helps manufacturers and advances society.

Our Social Goals:

We are a social enterprise, and as such, it is our intention to create a substantial and meaningful positive impact in the world by:

  1. Supporting the triple bottom line: people, profit, and the planet. Through community and innovation we will seek to improve the way things are manufactured with benefits for owners, workers, communities, the environment and the economy.
  2. Empowering those currently in the workforce, helping students experience the excitement of manufacturing and connecting all those who love “the making of things” to be a positive force for solving the problems facing the world.
  3. Making local and regional economies more robust and resilient to disasters, shortages and global economic down-turns.

Our Business Goals are to:

  • Make FactoryoftheFuture.org “THE” go-to hub for manufacturers, makers and students;
  • Continually improve our service, offerings, and usefulness to the manufacturing community;
  • Build networks and partnerships to support lean, clean, resource-efficient manufacturing;
  • Be financially self-sustaining
  • Generate profit to benefit society:
    • People – promote and assist creative people with good ideas
    • Planet – Support a cleaner environment