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Supply Chain Hardening

Do your Tier 2 suppliers operate in a climate-risky area of the globe? Concerned that transport delays and failed on-time delivery could sink your deliverables to your customer? Factory of the Future® can help you assess supply chain risk, resilience and offer actionable steps to harden, near-shore, and grow-your-own solutions to protect your relationship with your customers. Need more supplier options, or want to take a look at re-shoring? Get in touch!

Total Preventative Maintenance

Unexpected Downtime…Some think it’s inevitable. We know even the best-in-class organizations struggle to balance producing goods and maintaining the equipment that does the work. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can be your magic wand to push that uptime into the 90+ percent range. We have helped businesses of all sizes install their own TPM programs and helped them learn the fine points of the measurements needed to assure upper management that it works. Drop us a note and we can chat about it!

Services - Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprints

Has one of your customers just asked you how much carbon you emitted last year? Or did they say you need to fill out a detailed survey of all your Greenhouse Gas Emissions including Scope 3? Have no fear! Factory of the Future® is here! Our staff has been helping businesses of every size from family-owned job shops to fortune 300 multi-nationals figure out their Carbon Footprint using real data so the numbers are backed up and verified (not just a guess in the dark). Get in touch to find out more!


ESG Strategy & Program Development

Over 83% of publicly traded companies globally are acting on Sustainability goals and missions. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), relates how a business conducts itself to how it impacts the environment, the community, and the regulations it must abide by. Sound complicated? We have skills to help you organize and file information with TCFD, GRI, CDP, and other ESG frameworks, or to develop your own ESG report for communicating how what you do benefits the community, the Earth, and the future. We can help simplify the process, contact us!

Process Optimization

Gone are the days when raw materials and labor were cheap and local and federal governments were not so particular about how much and where wastes went. Todays’ Top Tier manufacturing corporations are the epitome of clean, efficient, and sustainable. Factory of the Future® can help you get there too. Whether it’s going Zero-Waste to Landfill, ISO 14000 certification, a deep dive into Lean, Training Within Industry, closed-loop waste and chemical processes, and even making your products Circular (Make > Use > Repair > Return) we can help. Contact us for help in closing the loop!

Energy Efficiency & Co-generation

The old saying goes “No one is an island”, but sometimes that is not true. Could you generate your own electricity? Perhaps. Would it make you able to keep running when others can not? Is that of value? Could be. The first thing to do is to find out how much energy you use, and what type. Then look at the options for generating your own. The unpredictable storms and large-scale climate events of the last 10 years show that being your own island in the storm might be the new normal. There are better ways than just shutting off lights! Get in touch for more.

Factory of the Future® can help you directly. We bring decades of talent to bear on your critical issues and assist to move your factory towards all it can be. Whether you need a Total Preventative Maintenance program to increase uptime, Process Optimization to reduce wastes and defects, or a Sustainability Reporting Program to satisfy the needs of your prime customer, we can help. We would be pleased to do it because as we all improve the whole industry becomes more competitive, more efficient, and more resilient. That’s what we are here for – to help you succeed, and to make things more sustainable!

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