Who we are

They say you should do something great in your lifetime. We hope this will be our legacy, so we are putting our own money where our mouth is.

We are a 100% bootstrapped lean start-up; a husband and wife team, with a passion for local manufacturing and all the people that create things.

We want to make a lasting contribution to making the world a better place. We believe that the U.S. embodies a unique blend of freedom and justice in the world, and therefore holds a unique responsibility to be the best example of how to do things better and with honor.

About Dr. Mitch Kennedy, CRV, CEM, LEED-AP

About Us – Regular folks who just want to make a difference

Dina Pelletier,MPH and Mitch Kennedy, CEM, CRV, SixSigma BB

We have traveled, so we know that compared to most in the world, we would be considered fortunate. We have a nice place to sleep, good food, and most importantly, we have had an education. We are humbled by that, and do not want to waste that privilege. We want to give back.

Like our grandparents before us, we think we should be contributing to making the world a better place. (And believe us, we heard a LOT of that growing up!)

Our grandparents did not have the means to help the world in a larger way. We do. We have the Internet. And although it has taken more than 2 years to build, we are finally launched!

And, if there is anything we’ve learned over the years, we know that we cannot do anything alone. We need help. Lots of help. We need you and all of your brilliance. So please join us in creating something great!

Two heads are better than one and many minds = exponential progress! Will you please join us in the FactoryoftheFuture.org “Mastermind for Manufacturing”?

We are always trying to be and do better, and we want to hear from you! We take your feedback VERY seriously and consider every suggestion. Please contact us with any questions.