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What Can Be Contributed? is a place where you can:

  • express your creativity,
  • show off your smarts,
  • showcase your accomplishments, and
  • get your questions answered.

We built this platform for you to use in the ways it makes most sense to you.

To that end, we make it as easy as possible for you to submit articles, a Photo or Illustration, and videos. (We currently do not have the capability to host videos on the site; however, please feel free to submit a video using the Submit a Video form or write an article about your video and include a link to your video in the article.)

Only Original Content, Please…

To protect everyone’s intellectual property, we please ask that all content is original, and that you ensure it has not been published elsewhere and will not be re-published elsewhere. (Google penalizes duplicate content.) Once you post your article, photo or video on, you are welcome to copy the URL link and post or share it wherever you like.

Reference the Source

We also ask that all non-original material used within your article is quoted and referenced, giving the original author and/or artist credit and providing a link to the page where you found it. (Note: quotes should be fewer than 74 words in length.)

State Any Affiliation Up Front

Please state any and all financial or personal relationships up front; meaning, your byline should read: ‘The author is an employee of ___ (company)’. Or, ‘The author is a shareholder of ___ (company)’.

Claim Your Opinions

If it contains opinions, those opinions should be clearly stated as owned by the author or others mentioned in the article., such as: “In my own experience…” or “I have found that…”.

The Fine Print

Submissions must meet our quality standards in order to get published and we reserve the right to edit your content for spelling and minor grammar corrections. Articles in need of major work may be returned to you with a gentle request to please fix.

Content versus Advertisement:

What is Content?

The Content Areas (listed below) are intended for: the exchange of ideas, providing support and assistance to peers, finding answers to your own questions, learning and education, and entertainment. It may convey news, research results, academic analysis or debate.

  • Topic Areas: Energy, Facilities, Manufacturing, Materials and Waste, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Workforce and Community, and Zone of Fun
  • Forum
  • Photos
  • Videos

** No direct solicitation for work, sales or employment is allowed in our Content Areas (this includes content for which you were compensated or granted any consideration by any third party), UNLESS it is constructed as a “Paid Advertisement” article. If you would like to write an article about your product or service, please read the paragraphs below…

If you wish to advertise, please keep reading; otherwise, please skip to “Important Links” at the bottom of this page to submit content.

How do we define “Advertisement”?

An Advertisement is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them. It usually also contains information about that product, product line, brand, or company.  “Paid” articles will be displayed with an orange border to signify that they are advertising.

Would you please visit our Submit a PAID Article form of you wish to submit an article that advertises your product, service or company?

There are several easy ways you can advertise on

You need to be a member to advertise with us.  Become a Member here

(Some of these advertising options are included with “Innovator” membership packages.)

Classifieds (Free for members) – up to 400 characters with a maximum of 4 images. Categories include: Donations or Free-giveaways, Equipment Rental, Goods For Sale, Goods Wanted, Internships Offered, Internships Wanted, Jobs Available, Jobs Wanted, Real Estate, Services Offered, Services Wanted

Display Ad – You can send us the ad, or just send us the text and we can create the ad for you. Display ads can appear on the right-hand side of a specific page, set of pages, or whole website (excluding Homepage, forms and auxiliary pages like the 404 page).

“Paid Advertisement” Articles – Articles written with the intent to promote products or services can be listed in content areas, BUT will appear with an orange color border, to show they are different from other content. We want everyone to be able to tell what is an advertisement and what is not. So, advertisements will be labeled “PAID ADVERTISEMENT” and appear with an orange color border. These can be anything from fewer than 250 words up to 2000 words, and are available for $1/word.

If you would like to advertise with us please visit our How to Advertise page

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