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Mitch Kennedy, Founder of FactoryoftheFuture.Org


Welcome to the first episode of the Factory of the Future® podcast! We are so very pleased to have you as part of the community and hope you gather great value from the time you spend here. This episode is the backstory of FactoryoftheFuture®.Org and how you can benefit. Tune in weekly to hear great stories of manufacturing success. Learn valuable info on how to get it right, the latest technology, and interviews with small businesses, maker spaces, and STEM educators.


CT MakerSpace – with Bill Saturno

In today’s episode, I ask you…. Did you know there are over 480 MakerSpaces in the US. and an estimated 50,000 makers who invent, build and collaborate in them? Don’t know who, or what a Maker is? No problem. I’ll get you up to speed as we talk to the founder of Connecticut’s First Maker Space! We talk about what you can make in a Makerspace and why it’s better than working alone in your basement. You’ll also learn what it takes to get a MakerSpace going in your neighborhood if you don’t already have one.

Aerospace NEAP Clive Cunliffe

Aerospace Forging – with Clive Cunliffe 

This week we interview Clive Cunliffe, President of New England Airfoil Products, Inc. (NEAP) one of the top manufacturers of turbine engine airfoils in the world. Clive shares the 20-year secret to how a 130-year-old company out-innovates its competitors as times and markets change. Listen and get your 20-year secret free download.


Manufacturing Operations  – Gene Hubbard

In this episode, we talk to Gene Hubbard, Director of Global Purchasing for one of the nation’s largest makers of bearings. He comes with 34 years of experience in manufacturing operations management and quality. As to the company’s products, one might not even give any thought to bearings, yet these particular ones help wings to extend, landing gear to roll, and so many other functions, that perform critical tasks. Gene is a Manufacturing Engineer in a world-renowned manufacturing plant. Listen in as we discuss a wide range of topics from Daily Gemba, quality control “tricks” and how to meet and retain engineering talent.  

Metal finishing in the 21st century – Pete Mirabello

Rated the “Best Metal Finisher in New England” this company stays at the forefront through focused on projects to reduce water, air, and chemical use, and increase energy efficiency. As one of the few NADCAP certified Cadmium platers in the US, and a prime supplier for some of the largest manufacturing plants in Connecticut, Metal Finishing Technologies is constantly innovating to adjust to the risk and market changes, without sacrificing personnel, quality, or customer relations.

3D Virtual Reality for Aerospace Maintenance Training- Chris Hall

Today we interview Chris Hall, a manufacturing engineer who has migrated over to the training/education side of the aircraft engine manufacturing company he has been at for 20 years. We talk about how both the design of aircraft engines has changed in the age of robust CAD/CAM software, and also how the training of technicians who maintain and repair the engines have changed, with the advent of lightweight VR headsets.

Maintenance Geek

The Maintenance Geek – Robert Kravontka

Who’s the Hero in your Factory? Is it the guy running around with his pants on fire fixing all the breakdowns on the Weekend? What if you or that guy could still be the hero AND also be able to take a day off now and then? Or get through a whole week without some production crisis showing up? Wouldn’t that be nice? In this episode, we talk to a Facility Maintenance guru and learn how to get out of the break-down mode. Think it’s not possible? Listen to this.

Load-of-rubber rolls-Mitch and Phil

Manufacturing as the “Giving Tree” – Phil Ruffy

In this episode, we talk to Phil Ruffy, a Manufacturing Engineer in one of the North American facilities of a $7 Billion / year Tier 1 supplier of wire and cable harnesses and connectors. This company is also known globally for its cutting-edge Continuous Improvement program and ability to rapidly bring new hires up to speed. Listen in as we discuss a wide range of topics from Engineering school to CI program impacts and what people graduating from college these days are looking for, and why manufacturing could very well be “The Giving Tree.”


The Road from EHS to ESG – Sue Schneiter

How do you take a company in so much trouble with the government over environmental violations that it was about to be shut down, and make it into an award winner 12 years in a row? We talk with Sue Schneiter, Regional Director of EHS for a Fortune 300 multinational, who has over 25 years in the field. Sue advanced her company from a compliance mentality to a Sustainability strategy, developing their ESG program over the course of 10 years. Now they have turned their sights on climate change and how it impacts their 24/7 operations.

Which is Better, IIoT or Lean Culture? – Tom Burmeister

In this episode, we talk to Tom Burmeister, President of Profit Miners, Inc. a management consulting company focused on operational improvements for manufacturing clients. With over 40 years of experience working in, owning, and improving small to mid-sized machine tools and other manufacturing shops, Tom knows the ropes of this business and the ups and downs it has seen since the 1980s. Join us as we discuss the trade-offs, security risks, and people skills needed to successfully include cobots, automated tooling, and other Shiney-new equipment into long-standing small to mid-sized shops.  

Supply Chain Analysis – What’s the risk? – Madu Iyer

In this episode, we talk to Madu Iyer, a Supply Chain Analyst at a multi-national hardware and tool corporation. We are talking about demand planning and forecasting, what can go wrong, and who ends up on the hook? Madu found her way to manufacturing by accident and is now a firm believer that anyone can find a position within a factory company that offers new challenges, community, and opportunities for advancement. Let’s hear what she has experienced in her 8 years at her job.  

Can We Reshore IT? – with Robert Douglas

We’re talking about reshoring, not just manufacturing operations, but something that often goes unmentioned, the movement of critical tech infrastructure, skills, and knowledge to other countries. Are there some types of software, hardware, and people tasks that ought NOT to be shipped overseas? Find out the Top 10 countries for IT and business services in 2021. And we close with the weakest link in your organization’s IT security program and 9 steps to fix it for good.

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent- Paul Kiesche

We are interviewing Paul Kiesche of Aviate Creative this week – a deep resource that focuses exclusively on helping tech and manufacturing companies attract and keep great employees. What do you have to change about your company to do this?  Do you need boatloads of money – like a software tech firm – in order to get the person you want? Paul tells us how to change your branding to be the company young job-seeking wizards want to work for.  

As an extra bonus, he also shares which single employment website might be killing your reputation as a good place to work – and what you need to do about it.

Dr. Gail Emilsson and Mitch

How to Engage Kids in STEM – Dr. Gail Emilsson

Where does Interest in Manufacturing careers start?  One place is at Science Museums.  Did you know that there are over 180 science centers and museums in the United States? Collectively they reported total attendance of over 67 million visits, with 12% of those through off-site events and programs, such as school outreach. Today we talk with Dr. Gail Emilsson, a leading expert in museum curriculum and learning methods, and we’ll see how active learning integrates with STEM / STEAM and a career track at the Factory of the Future®!

Bolt Product Incubator – Chris Quintero

Software Apps are not the only thing coming out of tech incubators these days. The Bolt Product Incubator in Boston, MA has helped launch over 70 products from innovators in the product-digital tech space. We talk with Chris Quintero about what Bolt looks for in a new product idea, some of their frustrations with US Manufacturing, and how Maker spaces and community tours of factories help spur innovation and product development.