Skilled trades

Skilled trades

We know that YOU make things happen!  We respect and admire your skills and want to offer you support in your career.

On  you can:

  • Be around like-minded people who can relate to your dreams and challenges

  • Let off steam, meet fellow skilled tradespeople and connect & commiserate.

  • Get an edge by learning about training, jobs and other opportunities before other people do. 

  • Make a name for yourself 

  • Pass along your practical knowledge to the new kids on the block

  • Share your story, expertise and wisdom with all who come after you

  • Be a part of building something great 

What do we stand for?  We support:

  • Creating local manufacturing jobs

  • Making your region strong and prosperous

  • Building skills and leadership

  • Promoting healthful and safe workplaces offers you all of this and for free for the first year, because we are eager to get going and want you to be a part of what we are building.

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