Materials and Waste

Raw materials & wastes – two ends of the same issue. And yet, how often do the materials-sourcing people converse with the waste management people? What if they did? How lean can we get? Can you be a “Landfill-free” company? Why would you want to?

What if there were industrial ecosystems – places where companies intentionally co-locate to leverage the wastes of one as an input of another? We want to explore all the facets of the materials-to-wage spectrum. Your input and experiences can help us be more competitive, leaner, and more focused on the Factory of the Future.

MATERIALS AND WASTE section includes: Commodities, Purchasing, Seed Stock Impacts, Recycling, Eco-industrial Parks, Nanoparticles, Carbon -fiber, Bio-materials, Agricultural Products as Industrial Feedstocks, Storage, Disposal.

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