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Sales and Marketing is the “face” of the company. As the customer-facing side of the business, Sales and Marketing staff play a vital role in showing the creativity, flexibility and value offered by a manufacturer.

Responsiveness in an age of lightning-fast communication is critical in closing the deal. Adaptability to new forms of marketing and lead generation is paramount to keeping an edge over the competition.

It’s a lot to keep hold of, and we hope that you will feel inspired to share your experiences here and offer up the wisdom of being out on the road (real or virtual), selling the goods your company makes.

Sales & Marketing section includes: Customer Engagement, Voice of the Customer, Analytics, Funnels, Pipeline, Buy-Cycle, Cross Selling / Up Selling, CRM, Forecasting, Smarketing, Value Proposition, Negotiation, Churn Rate, and Closing Ratio

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