Workforce and Community

It’s About People

The Factory of the Future is, in some sense, all about people. Why? Because we are in a great period of transition. We have tremendous knowledge in the current workforce, with the average employee having 30 to 40 years of experience.

Sharing Wisdom

Yet this gold mine of wisdom is retiring soon. So now is the time to transfer, and train and bring in a new legion of enthusiastic people.

This is where those with years of knowledge can help make a big impact – by leaving their legacy of insights, helping to build the next generation of a skilled workforce and being remembered as a great mentor, here on

Being Part of the Local Community

The local community is more and more connected to manufacturing. From corporate sustainability efforts to improve neighborhoods, to support of civic organizations, the factory’s role within the place it exists is changing as fast as its workforce. Help us to define where this role is going.

This Section

This may well be the most important content area of the whole Factory of the Future site for just that reason.

WORKFORCE & COMMUNITY section includes: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fair Trade, Business Process Excellence / Continuous Improvement, Workforce development / Education, Community involvement, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics curricula, Succession Management.

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