Find Top-Notch Employees – 6 Places to Look

I hear, “I can’t find ____ skilled labor,” over and over again.

The “Skills Gap” is waved about as an excuse these days for not hiring more people to help resolve stagnant job growth. In my opinion, the gap can be fixed through a combination of innovative workforce development and creative sourcing of new talent.

Six Tactics to Finding Skilled Labor:

So in an attempt to apply my own fixes to this situation, here are six tactics to finding skilled labor that I have seen work:

1) Open your shop to a trade school “special project”; by reaching out to the local schools you build connections that can feed your workforce needs.

2) Get active on social media. Build a, LinkedIn or Facebook page for your company, post interesting facts or trivia about your industry, post job offerings on LinkedIn, run contests to solve basic engineering problems, etc.

3) Meet the local school board and principals / guidance counselors, and have an open house. Best time to do this is over a school break, scheduled well in advance.

4) Work with the trade associations of your sector to put out video and social media campaigns aimed at the demographic you want.

5) Solicit engineering schools in January or April/May for interns in the winter and summer.

6) Contact Veterans groups. And talk with local / state DECD for programs that support the hiring of veterans and the unemployed.

What avenues have you pursued to find qualified people?

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