A Tale of Patents, Hats and War!

Manufacturing Day celebrates making things, educating people on how inventions become products, and how the lessons learned today, shape successes of  tomorrow’s inventors. FactoryoftheFuture.Org is showcasing  local (Connecticut) legends for this year’s Mfg Day! Mary Dixon Kies was the first women to file and receive a U.S. patent for her invention.  On May 5, 1809, her […]

Design-Phase Mistakes in Factory Expansions

Factories are rarely the focus of high-priced architects. In most cases, the money is spent on production equipment, and the building itself is the bare minimum to protect the assets inside. In the rush to build the new location, fit-out an existing shell, or expand an older building to accommodate growth, hassles, setbacks, change orders, […]

Cradle to Cradle® Will it Make Money for You?

IMAGE CAPTION: The Change Sustainability Framework, a diagram illustrating the difference between the current situation, the typical solution and the C to C approach, by Zhiying.lim – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 The Basis of Cradle to Cradle®  Designing a product usually starts with an intent. This could be to engineer-out as much cost as possible, make the […]

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