LED Lighting for Factories – Lightbulb Color Matters

Determine Your Current Lighting for Factories LED lighting for factories can save 30 to 50% of the lighting energy cost, but only if you install them properly!  Choosing the Lightbulb color is just as important as choosing the right color paint for a remodel.  Before making a large lighting retrofit, look at the lamps and […]

Solar Projects – 4 Big Lessons Learned

Now that the White House has solar panels back on the roof, there will be more salespeople calling YOU saying that solar power is your patriotic imperative! Here are 4 hard-learned lessons and how they apply to industrial facilities. 1) Your current “all-in” rate Electric utility bills are made up of two parts – the […]

Energy Procurement – 3 Common Mistakes

Deregulation There are 13 states in the US that have deregulated their electricity and natural gas markets. In these areas, manufacturers can choose from whom to buy energy. In these newly competitive states, the growth of brokers and wholesalers has created competition and business practices that in some cases are designed to retain customers for […]

Microgrids – What are they and Do I Want One?

Microgrid use A Microgrid can be a vital piece of your company’s resiliency plans. What is the value of being able to keep your most critical operations running in the event of a power failure? Competitive advantage? Ability to continue to produce product for your most valued customer? These are the most common reasons. What […]

Before You Do Solar – 3 Things You Won’t Be Told

The enthusiasm of both the client and the solar vendor can obscure (yes, that’s a pun! – no apologies) several very important facts about solar energy, the equipment and its functionality. Read on to let the sun shine! Evaluating Solar Potential 1) Time of use vs. time of sun You will save the most on […]

Cogeneration: is it Right for Your Factory?

The Natural Gas Boom The natural gas “boom” has created opportunities for manufacturers to decrease electrical grid-based power purchases, increase power quality, stability and reliability, and potentially run in island-mode if, or when, the grid goes down, using Cogeneration / Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The long list of motivating factors includes: Average national electricity […]

Energy Markets in North America – Resources to Help Make Sense of them

Who would benefit? Manufacturing is the largest single-use sector of energy, whether that is electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, or renewables. Producing goods requires vast quantities of energy in almost all major industrial sectors, such as mining, smelting or melting of plastic. Where can I get data to help me? Fluctuations in the energy markets […]

Solar is Less Expensive Than You Might Think – 8 Reasons Why

Photo taken by Mitch Kennedy Did you know that the cost of solar panels is now 100 times less than it was 20 years ago? Now is the time to rethink the outdated perception that solar is “too expensive”, and look at many forms of assistance to help you get solar for your home or […]

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