Reshoring and Global Competitiveness – 4 Great Tools

Over 50,000 jobs have returned to the US in the last three years (1). How will you know if it’s the time fro you to bring the work back home? I’d like to show you some tools that may help drive that decision. I’ll get right to the point, as many business writers have already […]

Supply Chain Risk – A 5-step Method for Calculating the Costs

What are the top three risk factors in the area of the world you do business with? According to the IHS Global Risk Service, 2014-Q3 Forecast the three biggest risk factors are (1): 1) Enforceability of Private Contracts 2) Losses due to corruption 3) Losses due to Crime In other parts of the world, you […]

Out-sourcing – Does it Still Make Sense? — 6 Alarming Issues

Many outsourcing decisions have not been revisited since they were implemented 10-15 years ago. Nobody likes to hear bad news, but some of these decisions were wrong from the get-go. According to our friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, over 50% of outsourcing decisions need to be relooked at in terms of short and […]

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