Are you a Good Employee?

If you have not read the work of Dale Carnegie, you are entering the workforce with a severe disadvantage. In brief, he was a pioneer in methods on dealing with difficult business and interpersonal situations. For example: How do you tell someone they are wrong without them becoming defensive? How do you ask someone to […]

Corporate Sustainability Reporting – Quick Start Guide

A 2014 survey of top executives at manufacturing sites revealed that 70% knew what sustainability was, and that they thought they were green. They also thought they were more green than their competitors, which is probably not true in all cases. Big-box chain stores, health & beauty products, and aerospace manufacturers have also started reaching […]

First New Job? – What to Expect and Not

So you just got your first new job? Congratulations. Welcome to the workforce. You’ve probably read things or heard from friends about what it’s like out there. Let me go over a few things that you may have misconceptions about, just by way of friendly advice so that you’re not set up for surprise or […]

Hire from Inside the Company – 5 Valuable Reasons

I have seen a feedback loop of, in my opinion, poor hiring practices in the last 15 years. The first step: someone retires from a senior position. The company spends weeks to months finding someone from outside the company to fill that position. It then takes weeks to months to bring them up to speed. […]

Attracting Millennials to Your Company

By 2030 the generation born between 1980 and 2000 (the Millennial Generation) will make up 50% of the workforce, and by 2050, 75%. Attracting and keeping these new hires is going to be a larger part of every company’s business activities as the years roll by. So what are they looking for in a job […]

Find Top-Notch Employees – 6 Places to Look

I hear, “I can’t find ____ skilled labor,” over and over again. The “Skills Gap” is waved about as an excuse these days for not hiring more people to help resolve stagnant job growth. In my opinion, the gap can be fixed through a combination of innovative workforce development and creative sourcing of new talent. […]

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