BMW i3 Electric Car How Its Made

BMW makes its electric car, the i3 in Leipzig, Germany using cutting edge technology. See how its made using injection molding, wire wrapping, welding, and a fascinating blend of human and robotic interaction, plus VR glasses used for assembly and quality control!

West Linn Paper Mill

Since 1889, West Linn Paper has been making paper for the Pascific Northwest. More than 250 people run the mill making 700 tons of paper per year for magazines and direct mill

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

A summary of how production machinery will become smarter and customization of the production will be tailored to each product as it moves down the line.

Ocean Spray PA Plant Tour

New Lehigh Valley Beverage Facility, a 300,000 sq ft beverage packaging plant, producing more than 30 millions cases of juice per year.

Tea Time Steampunk Short Film

A very well done animation about an up and coming inventor, her invention and getting accepted to the Guild.

Mining Dump Truck by Catapillar

National Geographic’s Ultimate Factories program explores the manufacturing process for the worlds biggest dump trucks.

How Baseballs are Made

First time every peek into the factory that makes baseballs. Courtesy of the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” program- great stuff!!

Hartford Denim Company

Hartford Denim is a maker of handmade premium jeans in Hartford, CT. Formed in 2010, the have 5 full-time employees in their 4,500 sq ft factory.

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